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MAAIS Purpose

Why an event designed specifically for male adoptees and foster care alumni? 


The answer is simple. Men who have experienced separation from their families of origin are dramatically under-represented in the adoption community, and significantly over-represented in adolescent treatment facilities, addiction programs and prisons. Many more who appear to function well in life, and may even achieve a measure of success, have been impacted by separation from their family of origin and struggle in silence and ambivalence.  Basic questions of identity, attachment, and roots may be suppressed for decades.


That's where we come in. We are an all-volunteer team (that's right! no one who plans and organizes the event profits from doing so - all proceeds are turned back into the Summit) who understands that men connect and learn better when focused on shared activity, rather than being cooped up in a downtown hotel. Winter Park,CO located just 67 miles west of Denver, offers a relaxing mountain getaway at reasonable prices. 


The Summit exists to provide a safe place where men (18+) can explore issues and questions, and offer each other peer support in a relaxed, spectacular environment. Some have said this kind of support has changed their lives.  A few have said that it has saved their lives. 


Join us, or tell someone you love about the MAAIS. It is a powerful, connective experience.       

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