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Winter Park is located just 67 miles west of Denver, CO.  You can travel from DIA via bus, Amtrak or taxi, along with Uber or Lyft. Light Rail service from DIA to downtown Denver is available for just $10. For maximum mobility and flexibility, we recommend renting a car.  Those interested in sharing ground transportation costs are welcome to let us know your arrival and departure times and we will do our best to help you coordinate with others.



We recommend making the drive during daylight, if possible. From DIA, it's an easy route west (we recommend avoiding rush hour) on I-70 to Highway 40, then experience stunning scenery as you climb to the top of Berthoud Pass and the Continental Divide, then descend into Winter Park.  


Outdoor activities abound, so consider arriving early or staying a few days beyond the Summit. Learn more about things to do in and around Winter Park. 


Denver is known as "The Mile High City" and this year's MAAIS location is situated some 3500 feet higher in the Colorado Rockies. If you have a respiratory or heart condition, consult with your physician before making the trip. If you are coming from sea level, consider spending a day in Denver before the Summit, or arrive early to help your body adjust.  Most people who follow these tips for high altitude travel  adjust quickly. See you at the Summit! 

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