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What Men Are Saying

"I am not a Christian; I don't go to church, but I felt like I attended church by having gone through this retreat. It was very therapeutic for me. I am not an adoptee, but because I was raised by a family outside my culture, I identify with many of the traumas an adoptee may have gone through in his or her life. I was able to confront many of the secret things I hid behind my mask because I felt a safe zone within this retreat. As a result, I felt part of a real family that was accepting and compassionate. I learned to remove the mask and come face to face with my true self through this retreat."

               - Roy, CO Native American

"Yes! More again next year!"

                                              - Kirk, CO

"I feel so (expletive deleted) liberated!"                           - Scott, IN


"This came at the perfect time to help get me back on track. I really needed it. Thank you!"                   - Luke, CO

Phenomenal weekend! I very much enjoyed the format - time and opportunity to connect with other lived-experts on relinquishment, adoption, and fostering; a safe environment to explore narratives and have our experiences validated; learning and growth opportunities facilitated by specialists in their areas; support and space in processing new perspectives; and a foundational wisdom and philosophy to go out into the world and overcome those challenges that present themselves. Outstanding! I will recommend the weekend to others and expect to be back next time. The weekend also motivated me to participate in the monthly Male Adoptee calls.                - David, WI

"Everything was good! Appreciated the efforts of the coordinator, guest speakers and cooks. Hope this continues next year."           - Eric, CO

"I didn't know how badly I needed this until I got there."  - John, NH    

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