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Detachment and isolation may have served a valid purpose during a time of crisis or self-protection in the past.  But we are built to connect, and today may be the right time to meet or talk with others who "get it." Your questions and quiet  (or not-so-quiet) struggles are valid, and you don't have to navigate life alone.  

Articles & Books

The body of adoption research and literature has grown significantly over the past 30 years. Check out these links:

Books by male adoptees

Research: Intimacy and parenthood

Addiction: Parallel Universes by David Bohl

Reading Resources


It's not uncommon for male adoptees to struggle with unresolved identity, addiction, grief, anger, intimacy, and self-sabotage. Seeking insight and help from an adoption-savvy  professional can be life- changing.  As Ron Nydam PhD puts it, "You may well be experiencing a normal reaction to an abnormal situation."

Choosing a therapist 

Adoption and Addiction Video

Art, Film & Music

Music has been called the "universal language," and is now used as therapy, along with creative arts and writing.  When you don't have words, try art, film and music. 

Adoption music, film and TV

BLANK by Brian Stanton (Video clip)

Broke Wide Open by Rock Wilk


Looking for a constructive outlet for all of your energy around relinquishment and adoption? (Yes, they are two different things.) Are you passionate about legislative reform? Do you have a vision to help youth aging out of foster care? Can you bring skills, connections, media attention, or funding to a vital but under-represented cause? Email us at


Male adoptee voices are underrepresented in the public square. Here's a blog exploring what that may be about.  But men in increasing numbers are working through issues and adding their voices to a vital conversation.  Have a listen!

NPR's Steve Inskeep


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