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Speakers & Facilitators


Timothy Lindsey

Banking Professional

Timothy J. Lindsey, MAI, began work in the real estate field in 1990 acquiring right-of-way for electrical transmission lines. Starting in 1996, he switched to the appraisal of commercial, multi-family, investment, historic, urban land, and industrial properties in the Denver metropolitan area. Lindsey has authored feature articles for The Appraisal Journal and has served on The Appraisal Journal's Review Panel between 2009 and 2013.  Currently, he works for a multi-national bank. Professionally published, he is interested in the critical role of money in psychology, behavior, economy, geography, and history. Adopted as a baby, he feels that his interest in money was integrally related to that experience.


Rich Uhrlaub, MEd

Advocate, Author

​Rich was born and adopted in  Denver, CO and connected with his family of origin in 1995.  He spearheaded a 20-year legislative effort culminating in the unanimous passage of multiple bills in 2014-2015, giving Colorado one of the most comprehensive adoption records access laws in the nation.   Rich serves as president of Adoption Search Resource Connection and president of the Colorado Adoption Intermediary Commission. He is a contributing author to Finding Our Place: 100 Memorable Adoptees, Fostered Persons and Orphanage Alumni; Adoption and Mothering; The Bastard Chronicles; and is working on a creative non-fiction about his origins.


Jared Utley

PhD Candidate

​Jared Utley is a fourth year Ph.D. student in counseling psychology.  Prior to moving to Denver, Jared earned his bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Jared's research interests include: understanding the experiences of people who identify with multiple minority identities, members of at-risk and underserved populations, and the adoptee constellation.  Jared has had clinical experiences as a practicum student working with adults in addictions, undergraduate and graduate college students, and in adult outpatient settings. Jared enjoys playing sports, singing, hiking, camping, and indulging in the occasional Korean all you can eat buffet.  In the future, Jared wants to be a psychologist that consults and works with adoptees, their families, and adoption organizations.

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